My Story

I started with Scentsy November 24, 2009.  I had never heard of Scentsy until I went to a party at my sister in-law's house.  I fell in love that night and signed up!  I have been a part of other direct selling companies in the past but none of them compare to Scentsy!  The product is awesome and the company is great!  I am a true Scentsy addict!!!  I love the safety of the product and how well it works compared to anything else I have ever seen or tried.    Update on 9/9/2010 - I have recently resigned from my "day job" to focus on my Scentsy business.  It has taken off like I could never imagine, and I want to be able to provide the best customer service possible!  I would love to have you as my customer, hold a party for you or have you join my team, whatever works best for you!  Thanks for reading my story and hopefully more exciting updates to come in the future!  Scentsy is truly amazing including the company and the product line!   Update- 3/2/2011 - I have been focusing solely on Scentsy since August and I qualified for the Disney Incentive Trip at the end of January!!!  My family and I are so excited to meet Mickey and Minnie and I know this is a trip that would have been very hard for us to make on our own if it were not for Scentsy!  I am so thankful for the many blessings I have received since joining this company and even with January and February normally being "slow months" I have made enough both months to be able to continue just working Scentsy as my part-time job and now I am ready to rock March, April and May with my Scentsy business as well as the rest of 2011!!!  Please contact me as I would love to party with your or have you as a member of my team!!!   Update - 7/1/2011 - We had an AMAZING time at Disney World!!  I am so thankful to Scentsy for allowing me the opportunity to earn this wonderful trip for my family!!  They totally spoiled us the whole time we were there with nightly gift drops and an upgraded hotel room on a club floor which meant free snacks and drinks whenever we wanted them.  That would be a luxury we never had if we were footing the bill ourselves!!!  Love Scentsy even more!!!   Update - 8/4/2011 - Next years incentive trip has just been announced at our yearly convention and it is an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and they made it sooooo easy to earn!!!  I know we will be there!!!!   Update - 7/10/2012 - My prediction was correct and my mom and I just recently got back from an all-expenses paid, all inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino!!!  All inclusive is definitely the way to go and Scentsy style is even more amazing with the nightly gift drops again, an 80s night party that was incredible and a farewell party on the beach.  If you are not yet a part of this amazing company, you are missing out!!!  I would love for you to join my team and join me on the incentive trip next year!  We will find out all the details of where we will be going and what we have to do to earn it at our convention in Las Vegas at the end of this month!!!  Can you say excited!!!  What are you waiting for?    Updated 8/31/2012 - It was announced that we can pick from six amazing locations this year for the incentive trip!  The choices are Hawaii, Costa Rica, New York City, Washington D.C., Charleston SC or Whistler British Columbia!  Which one would you choose?  I am torn between Hawaii and British Columbia!  Let's see if I can earn the trip (should be easy enough) and then I will decide!!   Updated 3/9/2013 - I earned the trip!!  Yet another amazing vacation with Scentsy footing the bill!  I have chosen Whistler, British Columbia at the dismay of many of my friends and family (LOL)!  They all thought for sure I should pick Hawaii!  I am not really a beach person and while the Dominican Republic was amazingly beautiful last year, I was not a fan of hanging out on the beach or by the pool in the hot sun all day so I think British Columbia is more my style!  I am so excited to see some black bears hopefully and we are talking about doing a whale watching excusion which would be incredible!  I am so thankful for this amazing company with a top-notch product line and for all my amazing customers, hostesses and teammates who continue to support my business and keep coming back for more of this awesome product!  You can never have too much Scentsy!! <!--endbody-->